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October 09, 2007


callie smith

thank you so much for the class on saturday evening. I had a great time. It was wonderful seeing you again. Your such a warm lovely person. Your family is amazing also. I so love you store. Thank you for changing your career.

Wonderful memories
Callie Ann

Nancy P.

I'm so glad you're back!! Your cards are simply stunning. Thank you for the inspiration. I just wished I lived closer so I could visit your store!!


Wow, great samples! Good job!


Good morning,
Your cards are wonderful! I had a great time on Saturday making the halloween cards, it was so much fun as usual! The blog looks great, Shannon


Yay, Stephanie! Love the sample cards. So glad to see you blogging.



Where does one buy the mini calendars from?

nury stevens

too sorry that it is too far away. I love your cards. Keep the good work.

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