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December 18, 2007


Kathy K.

Will there be a MAD rush at the shop on the 26th? Should I camp out at the front door of the shop after dinner on Christmas night? If I press my face on the glass door and chant "OPEN, OPEN, OPEN", will the door magically unlock so that I can run amuck, scooping holiday stamps into the new white LARGER shopping baskets? Will I pass out from from the delirium at getting stamps at 50% off??? Will I remember which new HERO stamps I've already purchased (because I absolutely couldn't wait for Santa's visit)? So many questions...so few answers - guess I'll just have to see what the 26th brings.

And to Steph, Ken, Kelley, Laurie and Shari - Thanks for ALL of your kindness, creativity, generosity, hard work and absolutely unsurpassed customer service...I consider myself a Paper Garden "Lifer" for sure (well, at least until Miles graduates from Harvard...).

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

Callie Ann

Hey Girl, Thanks for the tag... I will squeeze that baby in between fits. Christmas is crazy. I am just worrying about all the people coming to dinner. Yikes.

Sure hope you having a awesome Holiday Season.

Love Ya Callie


Very CUTE! I always think of you when we pass blue canyon! LOL! So it's so funny that you say that! And I'm still giddy about Linda! LOL!

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