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April 21, 2008



KEN!!!! These are fabulous! Your pen holder is ingenious! Stephanie, you should sign him up to teach classes - I know your customers would LOVE it!

Kathy K.

Woohoooo.......Ken is such a GREAT guy!! He really is Super Man (hey, where's his cape???). His ideas are so clever & cool...sign me up for whatever classes he's willing to teach - I really want to see that Panda Card.... Oh, and when will he be finishing those wooden slotted card holders? My b-day has come and gone!!

kim lenhart

I think those are great!! I would take his class if I didn't live so far away!! Maybe you& your honey should do online classes!! I love your stuff!


I want to know how to make this notepads. They are so cute. Ken really is a talented guy!! Yes, as Kathy said I'd like to see the Panda card too. I would love to take whatever classes he'd be willing to teach. So sign me up too!! Almond Roca !!! my favorite candy!!!


OMG! I'm so there if Ken teaches a class! He is so creative! We can definately use some engineering in the paper industry, huh!!


I think Ken should definetly teach a class! I would take it...and Michael may too! :)

Connie Heitner

These are great and if your store wasn't so far from New York I would certainly want to take classes from him and you.


What a great hubby! I can't wait to get the 81/2 x 11 carstock from Amuse. And this is an excellent idea for work gifts and craft fairs, and my desk, and well everywhere. I really like that is closes with a pen inside.


Would love a tutorial on this-what great gifts!


When's the tutorial as I love them.

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