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June 24, 2008


Kathy K.

No matter WHAT his hair might look like - Miles is the cutest guy around!! What a great photo too...I'm sure he'll have a blast at ALL of his celebrations - how could he not when he's got the Party-Planning Mom of the century?? Happy Birthday Mr. Miles!! B-B, Brian and I wish you ALL the best!!

Betty T.

How could anyone think Miles is a girl!!! He's a handsome little guy and looked so cute with his hair longer. Sounds like his 3rd birthday is going to be a lot of fun. A very Happy 3rd Birthday to you, Miles!!! Really look forward to seeing him in the store. That beautiful smile of his lights up the store!! :)

Linda (ballerina stamps and stickles lover in case your wondering which linda this is haha)

Hi Stephanie I check your blog from time to time ... but I never leave a comment cause I'm blog-comment shy? haha ... but this time I just had to! I just wanted to say Miles is such a cutie-patootie and I can't believe someone thought he was a girl! That is just outrageous!~ Well happy early 3rd birthday!!! And i'll be in soon to drool over the stamps, I had to slow my roll with all the crazy stamps. :)! Have a great week Stephanie!

kim lenhart

awww..I had the same problem with my boys..don't ever let someone offend you when it comes to your kids!! He's very handsome!! You Rock!


What and awesome little BOY! He does NOT look like a girl, but so stinkin cute we could eat him up with a SPOON! I have two boys and let me tell, people can be RUDE. I just let them know it and happily walk away with my two awesome little boys. I hope that you scrapbooked this picture. He is soooooo cute. Love your blog too!


OH, by the way, Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear MILES.......Happy Birthday to YOU! Have an awesome one!

Sarah Sheridan

Happy Birthday to Miles!! Have a great birthday this weekend!!

Emi Grace and family

Early birthday wishes to Miles from his girlfriend, Emi and family. Can't wait to see you this weekend! :-)


Miles is s cute guy - people just assume a child with longer hair is a girl...

I was in yesterday (July 5th) and chatted for a bit with you and Ken. I asked Ken if I could share your business site on my blog, and promised I'd visit your blog. I'm going to add your blog too.

I've participated in Hero Arts challenges and won a great Hero Arts stamp. On the Flickr Hero Arts group I am aka Clarian's Hawk.


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