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September 03, 2008


Betty T.

Congratulations, Miles! Hope you have a fun time at preschool. You are a handsome boy in this picture!!Our 3 1/2 year old granddaughter started preschool last week in So. California and is having a great time. She was suppose to go for only half a day. She's going all day (7:15 am to 3 pm)because she wants to be there for naptime and a snack afterwards. :)


Oh MYLAAAAANTA!!! Look at this dapper gentleman you have, Stephanie! What a handsome, handsome young man! I'm almost afraid for you to tell him that the "loud lady" from WA thinks he's a doll . . . might make him askeeeered! LOL! I can feel ya' beamin' with pride all the way from Sacramento, and I don't blame ya' one bit! Yay, Miles!

Kathy K.

Oh my - Mr. Miles is The Man.....what a handsome guy (you're gonna have to beat off those little girls with a stick!!). Hope he's loving school - I'm sure he'll have loads to share the next time B-B and I see him. Congrats to you, Ken and certainly, to Miles...........


Not just because you are my friends, Steph & Ken, but you have a seriously good-looking kid there! Way to work the camera Miles! I can't believe he's started pre-school. That's such a fun age. A little warning, though. As I was told by my own daughter's pre-school teacher when I picked her up one day -quote- "You have no more secrets." In other words, anything you do or say at home, a preschooler will likely share with his teacher & classmates!

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